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Reframing Thoughts

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

“Wow, oooo, yay, this feels like a roller coaster!” These were the gleeful exclamations of the seven-year-old sitting near me on the airplane. To me it was just turbulence. Where could a simple reframe or change in perspective make your life more interesting, productive, fun, or joyful?

Here are some of my favorites.

I can’t => I don’t know how yet

I have to => I get to

I’m anxious => I’m excited

It’s hard => What would make this easy?

I dread this => What could make this fun?

I failed => How can this make me smarter and/or stronger?

I failed => It’s the middle of the story

Reframing or finding another perspective are key to self-compassion, habit formation and willpower, and time management. They can help us focus on what matters, take a longer term perspective, and increase our motivation.

Here are some additional reframes offered by others.

It is what it is => It becomes what I make it

About conflict in relationships: turbulent => sparkle (an opportunity to deepen understanding, trust, and relationships)

No, I can't => Here's what I can do

Looks like we have a problem => Looks like we have a challenge

Looks like we have a problem => What's good about this?

Looks like we have a problem => What's right about what's wrong?

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