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Reframing Thoughts

Updated: Jan 12

“Wow, oooo, yay, this feels like a roller coaster!” These were the gleeful exclamations of the seven-year-old sitting near me on the airplane. To me it was just turbulence. Where could reframing your thoughts or change in perspective make your life more interesting, productive, fun, or joyful?

Here are some of my favorites.

I can’t => I don’t know how yet

I have to => I get to

I’m anxious => I’m excited

It’s hard => What would make this easy?

I dread this => What could make this fun?

I failed => How can this make me smarter and/or stronger?

I failed => It’s the middle of the story

Reframing or finding another perspective are key to self-compassion, habit formation and willpower, and time management. They can help us focus on what matters, take a longer term perspective, and increase our motivation.

Here are some additional reframes offered by others.

It is what it is => It becomes what I make it

About conflict in relationships: turbulent => sparkle (an opportunity to deepen understanding, trust, and relationships)

No, I can't => Here's what I can do

Looks like we have a problem => Looks like we have a challenge

Looks like we have a problem => What's good about this?

Looks like we have a problem => What's right about what's wrong?

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