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Transforming Lives​​

"My experience with Lisa has be nothing short of extraordinary. One of the things I will remember the most about Lisa is how much she cares. Lisa has exposed me to so many things, saboteurs, sage, the need for curiosity, techniques for reducing micro-managing. All with a level of compassion and grace.


If I had to pick one thing that will benefit in the most, I'd have to pick meditation. I would not have trusted anyone enough to even think this was something relevant to me. It turns out, it provides benefits beyond what I thought possible. Heck, I'm not even good at it and I can see those benefits. I write this as I look at my monitor that now has two notes attached to it. One says "Lead" the other "Relax into Wisdom." Both were topics we discussed at length."

BetterUp Member, Operational Risk Management / Quality Control


White Structure

"Lisa is a true optimist: her positive attitude helps me overcome obstacles and achieve things I never thought I would. When I first started talking to Lisa, I knew she was a go-getter, who will go the extra mile to make sure she is giving me the best coaching possible to make sure I am comfortable and growing.

Lisa understood my vision and took the approach of putting me in the "seat" of where I wanted to be soon. With her help, I could understand the challenges and opportunities I had ahead of me.

Above all her professional qualifications, the thing I admire the most about Lisa is her ability to be very calm and not overwhelm me during our conversations. She is a dynamic coach who will go the extra mile in all our conversations.

For all the above reasons, I would highly recommend Lisa for an Life Coach job as she surely has changed my life."

Fathi H, Business Development Manager, Manufacturing

"I learned so much about how our brains work and how outside stimulus contributes to the runaway train when we feel a lack of willpower. My overall willpower has definitely improved. Lisa is able to celebrate small victories that lead to larger victories that ultimately lead to real change."

Susan B. Entrepreneur

Holistic Wellness

"The questions and assignments she gave helped me dig deeper and answer honestly about my true goals and values. If you're struggling to accomplish something and need motivation and direction for your path, The Science of Willpower program is for you. It offers a concrete timeline and Lisa helps keep you accountable, helping you make strides while growing in ways you might not have imagined."

Jenny F. Teacher, Community Organizer, and Mom

"I was able to identify all the ways I was wasting money and even ways I should be spending more money. I was able to make a lot of different choices that now, six months later, have become habit. My saving to spending ratio is twice as good as it was before The Science of Willpower, and I am building wealth."

Jeffrey G. Business Development Manager, HR Technologies

"This was an amazing session for me - I don't think anyone has ever told me so adamantly to allow myself room to appreciate my accomplishments and experience self-gratitude. My heart feels very full right now."


"Lisa really honored how unnerved I was today and shared several tools to help me cope with unfamiliar stress. They allowed me to put my fears into perspective, and I feel much better equipped to address what I need to do."


"We touched a raw nerve I've carried with me most of my life. I can't even type this without crying! I think this will always be an emotional memory for me, but the work we did helped so much to put it in perspective and to truly make me realize I wasn't abandoned, and it wasn't my fault. I'm getting so much out of this work of keeping memories but letting go of the painful emotions."

BetterUp Member, Customer Service, Government

Purple Podiums

"I have had a wonderful experience working with Lisa through the BetterUp program over the last six months. She has been instrumental in guiding me through a few challenging situations that came up in my professional life, as well as helping me to hone my ideas for the future. When I came to Lisa, I wasn't exactly sure of what I really wanted out of my career. I only knew that I was capable of more and wanted to continue to seek opportunities that challenge me. She helped me realize that I already possess many qualities of a great leader, even though I haven't had the opportunity to utilize them directly in a career role. I know feel more confident than every that I would be a great leader in an organization and that I especially want to seek out those opportunities to lead a team. I know that I wouldn't have arrived at this clarity without the guidance and support of Lisa."

BetterUp Member, Sr. eCommerce Customer Development Manager, Consumer Goods Products

"Thank you very much. It's really incredible how you by the simple solutions are opening my eyes and helping me to get breaking insights. I am very grateful for our sessions."

BetterUp Member, Ops Manager, Financial Services

"Illuminating. Lisa helped me to tackle an issue that I have been struggling with in a very simple way. [It is also] helpful to focus on career development and not just how to be efficient and deliver my current role."

BetterUp Member

HR Communications Manager

Oil and Gas

"I am always so excited and energized after these sessions! I was feeling stressed earlier today. I feel like we break down problems into solvable components so things don't seem so overwhelming and daunting any more."

BetterUp Member

"Lisa is creative, engaging, encouraging, and practical. She's a great listener and a resourceful problem solver. I genuinely look forward to each session. She instills confidence. All of the wisdom, guidance, and lessons Lisa's shared over the past few months paid off in spades when I successfully delivered 3 executive presentations and a eulogy in December. Lisa's compassion and personal investment in my success makes BetterUp the best leadership development program I could ever recommend."

BetterUp Member

Senior Director

Communications and Media

Gradient Ocean

"When I started working with Lisa, I was struggling with lack of confidence and motivation. She helped me in developing my next steps in my career whilst addressing personal challenges. Her professionalism and empathy along with her tools and knowledge gave me a real boost. Every session with her was eye opening for me because she helped me look at my situation from different perspectives. Her gentle encouragement helped me tremendously to take actions I didn't want to take or know how to take. It felt like she knew how to turn on my "action taking switch." I couldn't recommend her more highly."

Lux H.

Educator, Parenting & Child Development Specialist

Coaching Industry

"As a coach, Lisa is a very attentive listener with an excellent memory. She's able to connect the dots between conversations to understand my vantage point and what I'm working toward. Along those lines, she's been able to help frame up ways for me to progress toward my goals. She's also very good about sharing new ideas and perspectives with me at opportune times in our conversations, which have been helpful to me. I recommend her for coaching for personal growth and development."

Ray A.

Director Analytics

Pharmaceutical Industry

"I tend to ramble while I formulate my thinking or try to explain something, and Lisa is able to be okay with my rambling. She can always bring it back to something succinct in what she hears and is spot on with her summary."

BetterUp Member

Program Management

Oil and Gas

Abstract Background

"As an empty nester with my elder child in college and my younger child dying at the age of 16, I found myself in transition and in need of direction. I have been working with Lisa for 6 months and find her to be inspirational, focused, and resourceful. Lisa helps me by defining goals for the week and following up to see if the goals are achieved and if not, why. She is supportive, encouraging, and reminds me of my successes. I would highly recommend Lisa as a Life Coach."

Jill F, Executive Director, Healthcare Pro-bono Industry

"In this very short session I got closer to understanding the director that I think would be best for me and have a better understanding of how to come to grips with this thing called "Imposter Syndrome" that has been nagging me lately. I am quite surprised how much I learned in so short a time."

Chris H. Career Advising, Job Placement Industry


"Lisa and her low-key and kind coaching has really helped me work on things about myself that make me a happier person. My house and office are taking shape with her assigning little weekly jobs that don't overwhelm. Last week we worked on the fear of flying. There is never any doubt that Lisa is a deeply empathetic, wise person that truly wants to make a difference. Lisa will listen and support you on good days and when you feel very fragile. Sometimes you need someone where there is no need to soften your comments. I'm very thankful for all Lisa has done for me, we need more people like her in the really tough world of ours."

Donna R., Retired

Calm Lake

"Lisa has been crucial in my transition to a new city and search for a new job. She is a planner, thought provoker, mentor, and supporter. She has an amazing knack for know when and how to invoke each skill to ensure that you make decisions and choices with clarity and purpose. She is helpful in helping you recognize desires that were hard to pinpoint alone. She has a way of repackaging your own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. Lisa is a perfect choice if you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your career ambitions, and your potential."

Elizabeth B, Director, Non-Profit

"As an entrepreneur and a coach, I am glad I worked with Lisa. She helped clear many mental blocks, allowing me to move my business forward. I have had the privilege of working with many coaches, but she is one of the best I have ever worked with. She has this amazing patience and calmness that is contagious. The value that she provides in each session is difficult to measure because I believe the things I have taken away are priceless. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I would highly recommend Lisa. She is so highly skilled at what she does. I am constantly trying to figure out how I can be more like her."

Martin D. Entrepreneur, Coaching Industry


"I've been working with Lisa for 6 months and have seen measurable change in myself. Lisa is such a supportive coach and human. She has a gentle but firm way about her that has empowered me to be open and honest with both her and myself. With Lisa's coaching and support I feel prepared to transition to running my business full-time and also finally face some personal issues I've been pushing down for years now. I highly recommend Lisa Brewer as a coach!"

Jane S. Entrepreneur, Coaching Industry

Pink Sugar

"I'm starting to align my focus areas together to not overwhelm. The self-sabotage topic and discussion is right on point and helping me to make connections and understand some of my behaviors.


Great conversation on the Hyper Achiever Saboteur ... And some good aha moments of simple changed works and behaviors I can use as well as share with my Team.


Lisa is truly amazing at what she does.  Getting people like myself to open up and look within myself is not easy to do."

BetterUp Member

Sales Manager

Telecommunications and Media

"I'm a first-time solopreneur who's juggling development, marketing, and sales for the first time. Lisa's been a great help in narrowing my target customers and understanding their pain points. That's helping me prioritize features and refine my messaging. My personal and business objectives are intertwined - Lisa gets that and is helping me figure out how I can achieve both. If you're a small business owner who is facing new challenges, Lisa can help you develop a plan to meet them."

John R. Entrepreneur

Information Technology


"When I first came to Lisa, I was having a difficult time moving forward in my career. I had to overcome the limited beliefs I held about myself in order to move forward. Lisa's unconditional positive regard created the warm, positive therapeutic relationship I needed to feel at ease and comfortable while doing the deep inner work. I highly recommend Lisa as a life coach. Her knowledge and experience have helped me overcome limitations and increased my personal power to lead a successful, fulfilling life."

Kirsten W, Grad Student, Counseling Industry

Abstract Gradient

"The advantage of becoming a coach is both having better access to a large community of coaches and discerning a great coaching session. And I mean it when I say Lisa is one of the best coaches I had the pleasure of working with. She has a real gift in balancing both kind presence while creating a safe environment, and natural outcome-oriented guidance, nurtured by her previous leadership experience. I was able to advance with Lisa in reshaping some of my last two-year topics with a fresh perspective, new insights, and deep reflection. I'm grateful for this opportunity and highly recommend Lisa as a coach."

Alexandra C, Entrepreneur, Coaching and Consulting Industry

"I've had many coaches so I wasn't sure what Lisa Brewer could offer me when I called her for private coaching, but I'm very grateful I followed through on my instinct. She was terrific. Lisa was able to shed some light into the dark corners of my resistance that I couldn't see for myself. Lisa's insights, intelligence, understanding, and patience made her easy to work with. If you are looking for a skilled coach to help you get to the next level - give Lisa a call. She is simply awesome!"

Carlyn M, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur


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