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Group Seflie

Workshops and Speaking

Interactive, Actionable Education to

Strengthen Teams, Communication, and Wellbeing

Through education, interactive exercises, and in-the-moment coaching, I help organizations strengthen leadership, collaboration, productivity, effectiveness and wellbeing of their people and teams.

After clarifying your goals and obstacles, we develop a plan that can be measured and delivered at scale. Below are predesigned workshops to give you a sense of the possibilities. These can be shortened, lengthened, or customized to your goals.

I analyze root causes, develop process-oriented solutions, and create and deliver training.

Some organizations I've done this with include

  • Procter & Gamble, Kroger, Safeway, Essendant

  • Winthrop Stimpson Putnam & Roberts

  • The Career Resource Center, Job Search 101

  • The Leader Inside You, Toastmasters

  • North Shore School District 112, Nurture Your Family


Saboteur Workshop

Positive Intelligence

During this four-hour workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their Saboteurs, the voices in their heads that generate stress and negative emotions.

  • Which Saboteurs are strongest

  • Impact on thoughts, feelings, relationships, and actions

  • Methods to quiet their Saboteurs

  • Use underlying strengths to improve performance, relationships, wellbeing

Burnout and attrition often arise when departments and teams communicate ineffectively. When they blame each other instead of owning their part of the problem and getting curious about the goals, needs, and constraints of others. With poor communication, collaboration, innovation, and efficiency suffer.

A presentation at the office

Communication Workshop

During this two-hour workshop, participants will learn and practice two communication frameworks for context setting and gaining alignment.

  • Using What and Why for stategic focus, creativity, and alignment

  • STAR framework for influence and clarity

  • Feedback on executive presence

  • Develop a plan for developing and enhancing these skills over time.

Leaders early in their career often struggle with communicating ideas strategically. They get mired in the details instead of inspiring and creating alignment. This limits their career progression and makes presentations to senior leaders less effective and efficient.

time management.jpg

Productivity & Time Management

During this two-hour workshop, participants will learn how to customize a set of time management tools to address their productivity challenges.

  • How to identify & focus on priorities

  • Minimize procrastination and internal and external distractions

  • Establish boundaries

  • Automate, batch, and simplify

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are the norms these days. So is doing more with less. Organization who do this well have a strategic advantage. Efficient effectiveness requires focus on priorities and time optimization.


Manage Stress and Self-Care

During this two-hour workshop, participants will practice a variety of techniques for lowering stress and increasing resiliency.

  • Identify personal values

  • Minimize catastrophizing

  • Practice self-compassion

  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques

  • Celebrating strengths and growth

Doing more with less, uncertainty, and complexity often lead to stress and burnout. If not addressed, this can increase absenteeism, attrition, and cost from recruiting and lost productivity. Self-care is an organizational investment.


Meditation and Mindfulness

During this one-hour workshop, participants will learn and practice a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques they can easily add to their day.

  • Immediately lower stress

  • Meditation: why bother and how to

  • 30-second mindfulness techniques

  • Adding meditation and mindfulness into your existing routines

Meditation and mindfulness strengthen the ability to concentrate, minimize mental chatter, and act with intention. The help reduce reactivity and the resulting mistakes as well as stress. Practicing can be easy, fast, and create lasting change.

Jogging Partners

Strengthening Health Habits

During this one and a half hour workshop, participants will learn how to create habits they can do consistently.

  • The habit cycle and neural plasticity

  • Identifying sticky behaviors

  • Small = consistency

  • Triggers and timing for habits

  • The role of celebration

Improving exercise, sleep, eating, and social media habits are among the top goals people bring to Well-Being Habits coaching. Habit formation has a formula. Planning for obstacles helps habits stick.

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