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Advance Your Career, Health, & Joy

In today's workplace, we all know that soft skills make or break a leader.


As a Professional Certified Executive and Well-Being Habits Coach, I help leaders and high potentials develop key soft skills and create habits and routines.


My clients build stronger relationships and teams, get recognized and promoted, have more time for family and personal passions, and improve their health, confidence, and joy!

"Lisa is really great at digging the answers out from within the person. I came with an ideal of how I would prepare for a crucial conversation, and Lisa improved my preparation at least threefold."

" That was such an amazing recap of what we accomplished in the last 15 months. I couldn't have made this much progress in my career without Lisa. She is amazing."

Director, Real Estate

Executive Coach

Well-Being Habits Coach

Ross School of Business MBA


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

  • Certified Positive Intelligence Coach

  • 30+ yrs managing teams, projects, organizations

  • Speaker and Educator

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If you are wondering how do I

  • Increase my influence and promotion opportunities

  • Excel at work and have time for myself & my family

  • Deal with challenging co-workers or loved ones

  • Be kinder to myself

  • Quiet my mind so I can focus and sleep

Coaching Approach and Style

My style is calm, direct, action-oriented, and celebratory.


You are in the best position to develop your own solution and plan. I help you get there by:

  • Asking thought provoking questions

  • Pointing out what I'm observing

  • Synthesizing your thought

  • Sharing my intuitions, tools, and ideas

  • Helping you celebrate your strengths and growth

Clients often come with several goals. We identity and address the core issues. Then other issues often disappear or can be handled with ease. 

"Lisa was very helpful in punctuating points and also catalyzing potential solutions to challenges in the moment. Really enjoyed some of the work shopping done today and the challenging Lisa did to some of my approaches I was using that were not working."

"Tons of good ideas today. Great listening ear in a busy time. Very helpful in isolating the biggest issue I have to contend with and them collaborating on the best attack plan. Feel good about progress and the continued focus on driving to execution. Helpful!"

VP and Senior Counsel, Financial Services Industry

Coaching Cycle


Explore Deeply to Gain Clarity

Develop a Plan

Experiment, Learn, and Iterate


Insights Become New Behaviors, Mindsets, and Skills

Key Outcomes


More recognition at work and faster advancement


Better productivity and work life balance


Stronger relationships with colleagues and family

Increased sense of well-being, confidence, job satisfaction, and joy

Frequent Coaching Topics



Communication, Influence, Executive Presence

Strategic Planning, Vision, Delegation

Relationships, Teams, Conflict

Productivity, Prioritization, Procrastination

Resiliency, Focus, Execution


Work-Life Balance, Boundaries, Values

Strengthening Resiliency, Self-Compassion,


Increasing Willpower, Improving Health Routines

Acting with Intention instead of Reacting

Mindfulness and Meditation

"I became comfortable with Lisa quickly, as she was relatable, and was very effective in framing our conversations, providing me homework to think through, and suggestion actions to follow through.


I learned a lot from my sessions with Lisa over the course of 5 - 6 months. I can definitely feel a change in my disposition and have some new techniques that I've incorporated into my daily activities. It's a revelation on how simple some solutions can be - yet so impactful.


I can't thank Lisa enough for how valuable our sessions were."

Managing Director, IT Consulting Industry

"Lisa Brewer is a gifted coach. One of my treasured colleagues, Lisa served as my coach during the launch of my new higher education consulting practice.


Her intuitive ear and bold questions help me re-write predictable scripts into fresh client approaches, achievable business milestones, and a revenue plan to track progress over the next three years. Lisa is a wise accountability partner, drawing from her education, life experience, and business development savvy.


I recommend her highly for anyone looking for a coach who will support them, challenge them, honor and celebrate their accomplishments."

Andy, Coach and Consultant, Higher Education

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