Do you work across multiple functional groups or organizations to bring a campaign or initiative to life? Are you getting worn down by trying to get everyone on the same page when you have no authority over them? Are you getting the recognition you deserve?

I've been been there! I work with project managers, account coordinators, service providers and coaches who are in new roles or are expanding into new areas. I help them dramatically accelerate their learning curve, strengthen their leadership skills, and get into action so they are positioned for a promotion or business growth.

If you want increased confidence, improved relationships and a greater sense of well-being inside and outside of work, let's explore what's possible!

How It Works

Becoming a leader in a new organization

“I highly recommend Lisa as an executive coach. She guided me through a recent career move and challenged me to live my values and become a leader at my new organization. There were several times where I had hit a wall and Lisa coached me through my own thought process and helped me uncover my own truth and answers. I could tell she was really listening and that allowed me to be more open and honest. I always took some new thought or insight away from each call and I am so thankful that I leveraged Lisa's talent during this important time in my career.” Ryan F.

Launching a new consulting practice

"Lisa Brewer is a gifted coach. One of my treasured colleagues, Lisa served as my coach during the launch of my new higher education consulting practice. Her intuitive ear and bold questions help me re-write predictable scripts into fresh client approaches, achievable business milestones, and a revenue plan to track progress over the next three years. Lisa is a wise accountability partner, drawing from her education, life experience, and business development savvy. I recommend her highly for anyone looking for a coach who will support them, challenge them, and honor and celebrate their accomplishments." Andy C.

Clearing mental blocks to move business forward

"As an entrepreneur and coach, I am glad I worked with Lisa. She helped clear many mental blocks, allowing me to move my business forward. I have had the privilege of working with many coaches, but she is one of the best I have ever worked with. She has this amazing patience and calmness that is contagious. The value that she provides in each session is difficult to measure because I believe the things I have taken away are priceless. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I would highly recommend Lisa. She is so highly skilled at what she does. I am constantly trying to figure out how I can be more like her." Martin D.

Overcoming obstacles and achieving more than I thought was possible

"I have been working with Lisa now for over a year. She is responsible for maintaining a relationship with me to create better future for me now and in the future. Lisa is a true optimist; her positive attitude helps me overcome obstacles and achieve things I never thought I would. When I first started talking to Lisa, I knew she was a go-getter, who will go the extra mile to make sure that she is always giving me the best coaching possible to make sure I am comfortable and growing .

Lisa understood my vision and took the approach of putting me in the "seat" of where I wanted to be soon. With her help, I could understand the challenges and opportunities I had ahead of me.

Above all her professional qualities and achievements, the thing that I admire the most about Lisa is her ability to be very calm and not overwhelm me during our conversations. She is a dynamic coach who will go the extra mile on all our conversations.

For all the above reasons, I would highly recommend Lisa for any Life Coach job as she surely has changed my life." Fathi H.

Coming to grips with feeling underqualified

“Thank you, Lisa, for allowing me an hour of free coaching on 10/11/2018. I appreciate your very generous offer, and in the hour we spent together you allowed me to think about my upcoming (perhaps) fourth career, got me to consider some things that I had not considered before, and encouraged me to verbalize some things that were on my mind. In this very short session I got closer to understanding the direction that I think would be best for me and have a better understanding of how to come to grips with this thing called “impostor syndrome” that has been nagging at me lately. I also appreciate your willingness to share a little bit of your journey as you pursue your coaching career --- very helpful. Again, I appreciate your pro bono time with me, and am quite surprised how much I learned in so short a time.” Chris H.

Managing job search, grief and health

"As a empty nester with my elder child in college and my younger child dying at the age of 16, I found myself in transition and in need of direction. I have been working with Lisa for 6 months and find her to be inspirational, focused and resourceful.

Lisa helps me by defining goals for the week and following up to see if the goals are achieved and if not why not. She is supportive, encouraging and reminds me of my successes, Lisa works with me in the following areas: job search/career path; bereavement, better food choices, exercise, spirituality, and relationships and helps me explore new resources and direction. I would highly recommend Lisa as a Life Coach.” Jill F.

Juggling Priorities

“Recently I had the pleasure of having a coaching session with Lisa Brewer. I was overwhelmed with all the priorities I was dealing with both in my life and my business. Lisa had some great coaching techniques that helped me prioritize meditation back into my life. Now 5 weeks later I’m still practicing and feeling much less overwhelmed... that’s a successful coaching session in my book! Thanks Lisa.” Daniel Q.

Balancing business and personal goals

“I'm a first time solopreneur who's juggling development, marketing and sales for the first time. My biggest pain point has been to attract early users - balancing just enough development with just enough marketing to get folks to use my tool and give me feedback. Lisa's been a great help in narrowing my target customers and understanding their pain points. That's helping me prioritize features and refine my messaging. At the heart of Lisa's business coaching is balancing business goals with personal goals. My personal and business objectives are intertwined - Lisa gets that and is helping me figure out how to achieve both. If you're a small business owner who is facing new challenges, Lisa can help you develop a plan to meet them." John R.

Transitioning to full-time entrepreneur

“I've been working with Lisa for 6 months and have seen measurable change in myself. Lisa is such a supportive coach and human. She has a gentle but firm way about her that has empowered me to be open and honest with both her and myself. With Lisa's coaching and support I feel more prepared to transition to running my business full-time and also finally face some personal issues I've been pushing down for years now.I highly recommend Lisa Brewer as a coach!” Jane S.

Digging deeper, action plans, higher self-worth

“My life would be very different had I never met Lisa. We met at a 6-week mindfulness meditation class and when the class ended Lisa asked if anyone would be interested in continuing to meet. I knew it would be hard to keep practicing on my own, with 2 young children at home so I said, “Sure”, what a great choice. The path to mindfulness is unique for everyone and within our circle we discussed successes and feelings of failure, each week Lisa had positive words and thoughtful questions. Her honesty and willingness to share personal experiences and challenges created a trusting, supportive environment for real growth among all of us.

We read the Willpower Instinct and Lisa led us through the book with enthusiasm and a genuine interest in helping us achieve the goals we had set out to accomplish. I especially liked the questions and assignments she gave, they helped me dig deeper and answer honestly about my true goals and values. If you’re struggling to accomplish something and need motivation and direction for your path, the Willpower Instinct is for you. It offers a concrete timeline and Lisa keeps you accountable, helping you make strides while growing in ways you might not have imagined.

Even though Lisa has moved, our meditation group continues to meet weekly and now I'm happy to be working with her through our coaching sessions. Again, she has impressed and delivered beyond words. As my kids get older and I have more time to reinvent myself (during school hours) she is helping me be brave and accountable. Through my sessions with Lisa, I am learning that fear of failure has been a limiting factor in my life and she is helping recognize skills and knowledge that I possess and can use to move into new territory. I am excited after each session, coming away with a new plan of action and a higher sense of worth. During our visualizations she asks pointed questions that push me to evaluate things from many perspectives. This allows me to see strengths and areas for improvement or learning.

I cannot stress enough her genuine nature and investment in client growth and success, her warm personality and personal approach foster a true partnership. If you are ready for change or struggling to achieve your true goals and desires, I know Lisa can help you reach your full potential and live the life you were meant to live.” Jennifer D.

Dealing with uncomfortable topics

“Lisa has been coaching me for over 6 months. She is inquisitive and caring. She is engaging and passionate about coaching, but for me, her straightforward approach to digging into issues is what has helped me have numerous transformative moments. She asks great questions and isn't afraid to go to places that are uncomfortable because she champions my growth and fulfillment.” Ingrid B.

Overcoming self-limiting beliefs

"When I first came to Lisa, I was having a difficult time moving forward in my career. I had to overcome the limited beliefs I held about myself in order to move forward.  Lisa's unconditional positive regard created the warm positive therapeutic relationship I needed to feel at ease and comfortable while doing the deep inner work. I highly recommend Lisa as a life coach, her knowledge and experience have helped me overcome limitations and increased my personal power to lead a successful fulfilling life.” Kirsten W.

Progress toward my goals

“As a coach, Lisa is a very attentive listener with an excellent memory. She's able to connect the dots between conversations to understand my vantage point and what I'm working toward. Along those lines, she's been able to help frame up ways for me to progress toward my goals. She's also very good about sharing new ideas and perspectives to me at opportune times in our conversations, which have been helpful to me. I recommend her for coaching for personal growth and development.” Ray A.

Gaining clarity and purpose during transition

“Lisa has been crucial in my transition to a new city and search to find a new job. She is a planner, thought provoker, mentor and supporter. She has an amazing knack for knowing when and how to invoke each skill to ensure that you make decisions and choices with clarity and purpose. She is helpful in helping you recognize desires that were hard to pinpoint alone. She has a way of repackaging your own, sometimes confusing, thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction. Lisa is a perfect choice if you are looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your career ambitions, and your potential.” Elizabeth B.

Turning on my "action taking switch"

“My experience with Coach Lisa was invaluable. When I started working with her I was struggling with lack of confidence and motivation. She helped me in developing my next steps in my career whilst addressing personal challenges. Her professionalism and empathy along with her tools and knowledge gave me a real boost. Every session with her was eye opening for me because she helped me look at my situation from different perspectives. Her gentle encouragement helped me tremendously to take actions I didn't want to take or know how to take. It felt like she knew how to turn on my "action taking switch."

I am truly thankful to coach Lisa for all her support through my journey. She is absolutely the best. I couldn't recommend her more highly." Lux H.

Shedding light on my resistance

“I’ve had many coaches so I wasn’t sure what Lisa Brewer could offer me when I called her for private coaching but I’m very grateful I followed through on my instinct. She was terrific.


Although I was clear on my goals, had a defined plan to execute for the year, and had an understanding of the things keeping me from achieving it, Lisa was able to shed some light into the dark corners of my resistance that I couldn’t see for myself.

During our time together Lisa’s insights, intelligence, understanding, and patience made her easy to work with. I have every confidence that Lisa’s advice is going to help me not only reach my goals but help me in life in other wonderful ways. If you are looking for a skilled coach to help you get to the next level – give Lisa a call. She is simply awesome!” Carlyn M.

Becoming happier, less fearful and more organized

“Lisa, has helped me with major strides in my life. Using as our jumping off point the book “The Willpower Instinct” we have worked thru half hour phone conversations to make changes I never thought possible. I saw myself as pretty much a skeptic of self-help books and training. I thought great for some but it’s too late for me to change (I’m 70). But my daughter was so enthusiastic about the book and Lisa’s talents so I gave her a try.

Lisa and her low-key and kind coaching has really helped me work on things about myself that make me a happier person. My organization skills have been honestly the worst. My house and office are taking shape with her assigning little weekly jobs that don’t overwhelm. Last week we worked on my fear of flying. Her advice was the type of thing that you’d read in a book and say – that’s just plain goofy. I am now visualizing myself hugging a tree when I’m feeling anxious- don’t scoff until you’ve tried it☺ There is never any doubt that Lisa is a deeply empathetic, wise person that truly wants to make a difference. It’s also a plus that I can talk with her on the phone in my p.j.’s.

Lisa will listen and support on good days and when you feel very fragile. I’ve had some illness in the last year (fine now) that shook my core and she was there for me to let out the pain. Yes I have friends and family but sometimes you need someone that there is no need to soften your comments.

I’m thankful for all Lisa has done for me, we need more people like her in this really tough world of ours.” Donna R

Fresh perspective, new insights, deep reflection

"It is a real pleasure to write this recommendation for Lisa for the help she provided me during those last months while being my coach. The advantage of becoming a coach is both having better access to a large community of coaches and discerning a great coaching session. And I mean it when I say Lisa is one of the best coaches I had the pleasure of working with. She has a real gift of balancing both a kind presence while creating a safe environment and natural outcome-oriented guidance, nurture by her previous leadership experience. I was able to advance with Lisa in reshaping some of my last two-year topics with a fresh perspective, new insights, and deep reflection. I am grateful for this opportunity and highly recommend Lisa as a coach. Thank you!" Alexandra C.

Getting on course with a strong direction

“With kindness, curiosity, and an acute sense of intuition, Lisa helped me navigate some rough waters and bring me out the other side, on course and sailing in a strong direction! I felt deeply witnessed and supported throughout our work and would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Michelle S.


In our work together I will support you to gain clarity about what is important to you and what's holding you back from achieving it. We will quiet negative self-talk and create stretch, yet achievable, action plans. As you convert your dreams into achievements, your confidence, peace of mind and happiness will soar.


Throughout our work together, we will cycle through the following steps.

Gain Clarity: 

What's important to you and what do you want to achieve? What drives you? What will be different when you achieve your goals?

Develop an Action Plan for reaching your goals

​What's needed? How can you creatively apply your strengths? What energizes and enervates you? What assumptions and perceptions are holding you back? What do you need to learn?

Convert Insights into New Behaviors, Mindsets and Skills

​What simple, yet courageous steps are needed now? What are you learning? What pivots are needed? What is there to celebrate? What and who supports you?

Key Outcomes Clients Often Experience as They Work Their Plan

  • More recognition at work

  • Faster career advancement

  • Better productivity

  • Improved relationships with colleagues and family

  • Increase well-being

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Increased confidence

  • Increased joy

Why hire a coach?

Everyone wants to maximize their joy, satisfaction and potential in life while minimizing sorrow and pain. The answer for each of us is within ourselves but is often hidden. It is very difficult to be objective about yourself, and most people are too busy and too self-limiting to see and pursue out of the box possibilities. As a coach I bring my clients objectivity, effective skills, structure, focus and accountability.

Isn’t coaching a lot like therapy?

Co-Active Coaching is focused on the future while therapy is often focused on past trauma or events. I believe my clients are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole: while they want to grow and evolve, they aren’t broken. Therapy assumes a pathology that needs to be fixed. Coaching is a partnership of equals while therapy is hierarchical with the therapist above the client.

How does coaching differ from consulting?

Consultants are hired for their expertise in a subject matter and to provide solutions for specific problems. I work with my clients as equals, focusing on helping my clients grow and develop their own solutions. Through the coaching process my clients gain new skills, behaviors, mindsets, and self-awareness. They uncover new solutions and approaches and decide what will work best for them. I may share a small amount of expertise, but this will be a very small proportion of the overall coaching, and my clients decide whether to use it or not.

How do I decide who is the best coach for me?

It’s really a question of fit. Do you feel safe and supported? Do you feel you will be stretched? Can you be honest and forthright? Is your coach excited to work with you on your goals? Does the coach’s training and approach align with your needs? I highly recommend you do a sample coaching session before committing. You may want to speak with a few coaches before choosing.

How do you meet with your clients?

We meet via phone, web conferencing or in person as geography permits.

What results can I expect and how long will it take?

Results and time needed vary by individual. I've had clients who've felt set to achieve their goals in as little as one long coaching session along with a follow-up accountability plan. For clients with multiple, complex goals and behavior patterns, it's taken as long as 9 months for them to achieve their goals. My typical client comes with a few goals and after working with me for five to six months finds that they have the skills and confidence that they need to succeed. 

The timing that works best for most people is to meet for 2 hours for our first session so we can really clarify your goals, start perspective shifts, and set an initial action plan. Then we would meet every other week or twice a month for one hour each time. By month 4, many clients are ready to space sessions out to once a month unless they have multiple goals.

While this is typical, I've worked with clients only once every four to six weeks and worked with others every week. It completely depends on what would support you the best. Similarly, I've worked with people for longer or shorter sessions based on what would support their goals and budget.