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A revolutionary emotional processing system that leverages body awareness and imagination to dip below logic and dissolve the root cause of issues, core beliefs, and distorted thinking.

The RIM® process uses imagination and body awareness to illuminate the root cause of an issue. Once identified, emotional memory can be regenerated to be positive and affirming.


Our emotional memories and factual memories are stored in different parts of the brain. While the intellectual mind still knows what actually happened (you don't get amnesia), we redo history in terms of our body's memory, resulting in a new felt experience.


This new positive emotional interpretation removes obstacles and lifts the spirit.

Forest Road

"I had my first RIM coaching experience with Lisa, it was amazing! Lisa created a safe and personable environment to explore what was showing up for me subconsciously. Lisa took her time in preparing me for the experience, as well as how to care for myself following the session. 

With Lisa's guidance, I identified the cause of my creative block. Lisa asked the right questions at the right time for me to 'give myself permission' to be free from the block and to enjoy the journey.


I continue to reflect on the many visions that showed up during our session, and I am caring the experience forward. Thank you Lisa for making my fir RIM session a success!"

Deaundra, Personal & Leadership Development Coach


"Even as you described this, I knew it could be powerful, and this is something I could never imagine I could feel, it a very positive, good way. It's more impactful, beyond my imagination impactful. This is one of the top three experiences of my life! It feels good. These are happy tears. I never felt this. I don't have words to describe it. I'm so grateful for this. Thank you very much.

I could see myself being constantly pulled down, and all of a sudden it improved, it felt better, and I didn't need to leave it. I realized what acceptance could look like. In our prior work, I could half-heartedly accept things, but today I was able to vividly imagine what acceptance could look like. The [challenge] could still be there, and you could still be joyous, not in a half-hearted way, but completely and wholly, even as that thing is still there."

Senior Manager, IT Industry

Unlike coaching or therapy, RIM® is nonlinear and allows you to directly communicate with your unconscious intuitive mind. It gently and profoundly integrates your whole brain and releases extraordinary inner resources to lift your spirit and inspire effortless action!

RIM® has been likened to psychedelics in terms of effectiveness and experience with the added benefit of no drugs and remaining in complete control. Every individual's experience is unique: some clients experience colors and sounds, some physical sensations, some vivid imagery. Your emotional operating system brings forth what you need to work through and finds the solutions!

RIM®, discovered by Dr. Deborah Sandella, is validated by the latest neuroscience findings. In research specifically applying RIM® techniques, participates had a significant reduction in the hallmark symptoms of stress-related illness and experienced increase in their quality of life. RIM® can

  • Reverse regrets

  • Improve the quality of decision making

  • Release physical symptoms

  • Rekindle a felt experience of inherent wholeness

  • Resolve conflicts will others

  • Neutralize painful memories

  • Uncover an internal sense of comfort, safety, and ease

  • Reveal compelling images that empower you

  • Integrate successful future outcomes for effortless action

  • Dissolve hidden emotional beliefs/feelings causing subconscious self-sabotaging

  • Significantly shorten the time and energy for emotional and physical healing.

Northern Lights

"What I'm noticing that's different since my session is I've managed better than usual to be present. To stress or worry during a certain time of the day, focus on doing that task that is weighing on me, and them move on and prioritize time for Pilates, Yoga, cooking with my husband, or a walk. And actually focus on doing that and that new part of my routine, rather than thinking 'I should be doing this or that.'

"What I'm realizing now is I can be productive and do my best to succeed at work, but that's still possible while dedicating as much time and energy to other aspects, such as family or personal time. I've enjoyed focusing on being present more. Done meditations or simply focusing on switching off after a long day.

"What I'm feeling now is more content and calm. By focusing on making that change, I do feel it's paying off. Yes, not everything always goes to plan, but I'm not dwelling on it as much, at least I don't think I am! I've been happy to say no to certain things or focused on what I needed a different times."

Account Director, Sales, Hospitality Industry

VP and Senior Counsel, Financial Services Industry

What to Expect During Sessions

  • Sessions are generally 1 - 2 hours

  • You'll sit comfortably, become relaxed with your eyes closed

  • You'll be awake and interacting fully consciously

  • You share what you are experiencing

  • You can't do it wrong!

  • I provide support and thoughts to deepen your experience

  • You may experience colors, sounds, physical sensations, imagery

  • Each session offers a complete piece of work

What to Expect Afterwards

  • It can be helpful to leave time to process and integrate after sessions either through sitting in the imagery or journaling about your experience

  • In the weeks following a session, many clients find it helpful to revisit the new self-affirming images and sensations, which further integrates the changes into you body, mind, and life.

  • Many clients decide to have a series of 3 - 5 sessions to reinforce and accelerate changes into a new way of living.


"I should update you on the session we did together. I have thought about it from time to time. I journaled the entire experience after sharing it with my husband too. It was such an interesting process to experience. Some of the reveals weren't entirely new news (feeling guilty about hurting someone ... looking in the wrong places for what would make me feel whole), but the piecing together was what was most interesting to me. I would say the imagery about my husband now being a part of my 'completion visual' and acknowledging it's ok to need and want his support ... this was most powerful."

Professional Certified Coach

Mother and Daughter

After first session: "I want to let you know that I felt a lot better around my mom, I was more accepting of her and my patience level with her definitely increased!! It was like your session open something inside me that needed to be addressed and by combining meditation with the session, I was able to accept my feelings and understand myself and my relationship with my mom more."

After second session: "Our last session was great. Understanding the connection between my younger me and the present me has helped me realize a lot of things. For the past week I have been more aware of 'my childish reactions' and I have been able to realize that I need to 'play' more often and don't let the circumstances win over what I want to do.

This compromise with myself needs to happen every morning, so I can charge my whole day with 

'positive energy' ... Some days are better than others, but at least now I am noticing when things are going south... And that is a great thing!!!!"


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