Positive Intelligence

6 Weeks

Is it worth 15 minutes a day to improve your productivity,

increase your well-being and strengthen your relationships?

Mental fitness is the capacity to respond to life's challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset. Mental fitness is a hallmark of people functioning in the top 20% in terms of performance, peace of mind and relationships.

  • Teams perform 31% better

  • Salespeople sell 37% more

  • People live 10 years longer

  • People are 3 times more creative and are happier

Three core muscles are at the root of mental fitness. Developing these muscles requires intense initial practice for 6 - 8 weeks but not a lot of time: 15 - 30 minutes spread throughout the day.

Go to and take the free Saboteur and PQ Score assessments to help you identify behavior patterns that aren't serving you.

This program is so effective that I offer a money back guarantee within the first 4 weeks as long as you do the work!

Science of Willpower

10 Weeks

 What important goal do you always put off to tomorrow?

When you reward one accomplishment do you sabotage another?

Do you think that willpower has to be hard?


If so, this course is for you! Science has proven that many popular willpower strategies are the opposite of what we should be doing.


During this program, you'll learn the neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and economics behind willpower. Each week you'll become keenly aware of a new way in which your willpower is compromised and practice a new strategy for gaining control. You'll focus on a goal that's challenged you and start seeing progress!


Past Participant Average Outcomes on a 10-Point Scale

  • Has your understanding of your own behavior improved?  9.7

  • Are you making progress against your goal?   8.7

  • Was the program worth the investment?   9.4

  • Would you recommend the program to others?   8.9

This program is so effective that I offer a money back guarantee within the first 5 weeks as long as you do the work!

If you would like to explore bringing either of these programs to your organization or want to learn more or register for a program, please contact Lisa.

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