The Science of Willpower

Willpower is a combination of courage, mental stamina and determination. The good news is willpower can be learned and strengthened. Here are some science backed strategies to increase your willpower.

You need to be mentally strong to prepare to meet your goals.

We have tremendous capability. We can solve complicated problems, dream and imagine new possibilities and learn complex skills.

What important goal do you always put off to tomorrow?

When you reward one accomplishment do you sabotage another?

Do you think that willpower has to be hard?

If so, this course is for you! Science has proven that many popular willpower strategies are the opposite of what we should be doing.

During this program, you'll learn the neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and economics behind willpower. Each week you'll become keenly aware of a new way in which your willpower is compromised and practice a new strategy for gaining control. You'll focus on a goal that's challenged you and start seeing progress!

The Science of Willpower Program

Helps You Achieve Benefits Like


Overcome Personal



Improve Physical, Mental,

and Emotional Health

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Reduce Stress Over Money

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Manage Your Time


Say No To People, 

Working Too Many Hours

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Stay Positive In

The Face Of Life Changes

So You Establish Your Goal And Hit Your Target

Course Features

Includes a paperback  The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, PhD

World-renowned Stanford professor

Learn entertaining and interesting neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and economic concepts

Learn unexpected, proven strategies to increase willpower and self-awareness

Two 30-Minute Individual Coaching Sessions

Individualized support

Get crystal clear on your goal, why it's important, and what's needed to achieve it

Brainstorm and create strategies that address YOUR specific challenges and desires

Convert those strategies into achievable action steps

Privacy to address things that you don't want to discuss with the group

Ten Weekly 1-Hour Group Coaching Sessions

Intimate groups of 6 people max

Provides accountability to help you to stick with your goal while it becomes a habit

Individual attention to addresses challenges as they arise

Deepens your understanding of the willpower concepts

Provides on-going support for you to reduce stress, eat healthy, and improve your sleep

Personalized Weekly Guided Experiences

Proven willpower strategies and self-awareness exercises

Breaks the learning into manageable chunks that are painless to incorporate into your life

Deepens your understanding of human behavior

Raises your awareness of how others impact your willpower

Electronic Journal: The SMART Goals + System

Proven approach for goal attainment

Clarify your goal and turn it into simple, actionable, measurable steps
Weekly accountabilities and measurement moves you closer to your goal
Continuous review of successes and challenges helps you learn and quickly adapt

Electronic Journal: The Willpower Instinct Chapter Summaries

One to three page highlights of key concepts

Quickly refresh your memory

Easily find core concepts

Quickly prepare for class if you are running low on time

Electronic Journal: Weekly Homework Pages

Combination of to dos, agenda, and worksheet

Clarifies what you should be working on
Record what worked and why so you can apply the learning to other areas of your life
Guides your preparation so you get as much as possible out of group coaching sessions

Electronic Journal: Mid-point and End of Program Reflections

Guided analysis of what you're learning

Helps synthesize what you’ve learned and what’s been most valuable

Helps you think through current challenges and develop strategies to address them

Becomes a resource for future goals and challenges

Money-back Guarantee as Long as You are Doing the Work

Full refund if you aren't satisfied with your progress

If you've done the homework and attended the classes, you may request a full refund during the second coaching session

Eliminates the risk while keeping you motivated to do what it takes to succeed
Replaces feeling ashamed of your weakness with pride in your accomplishment!

Make up sessions available if you can’t attend a group coaching session

15-minute individual sessions

Flexibility when life happens

Keeps you motivated to stick with the work even if unexpected challenges arise

Eleven weeks of support to establish the habits needed to achieve your goal.

Individual and group coaching, unlimited email and text support

Keeps you focused and encouraged through the hills and valleys of behavior change

Provides the time needed to firmly establish new habits

You’ll establish a habit that works for your life.

You’ll build your confidence in your ability to follow through.

You’ll learn what triggers you to want to procrastinate and what strategies help you follow through.

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