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Reduce Busyness

Updated: Jan 12

Is being busy a source of pride or even a self-identity for you? Have you ever considered why? What needs does this fill? How else could you fill those needs?

What is busyness costing you? What are you not making time for? Relationships, hobbies, health, peace?

How do you break the cycle and reduce busyness?

Start by getting really clear on what would make your life more fulfilling. What do you wish you had more of?

Next list all the things that are sucking your time and life away. Social media, streaming, things that keep you busy but not effective. What can you eliminate or reduce substantially? How could redesign or redefine how you approach things so that you’re more efficient?

Now make a second list: things that energize and refresh you. When your inclination is to engage in a time-wasting activity, consult your list. Could you send a text or email to a friend? Dance to your favorite songs? Meditate? Get outside?

Try eliminating the phrases “I’m too busy” and “I have to” for a week or two. Instead substitute “I choose to” or “I get to” and see what impact that has on you.

My inspiration for this talk came from Courtney Carver’s book Soulful Simplicity, which I highly recommend. She shares many ideas for how to refocus your time and energy on what really matters to you so busyness doesn’t steal years away from you.


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