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Judgment in Relationships

How is judgment impacting your relationships? Judgment is a trap we all fall into. The questions below are purposefully challenging, but they are not personal. They’re designed to spur reflection. If you follow this with imagining a different approach, it’s more likely you’ll behave differently in the future.

Think of your relationship with someone you consider to be “difficult.”

How does that label impact your expectations and attitude?

How does this labeling impact your ability to see them as a person?

Do they seem a little less human than someone you enjoy being around?

What does this give you permission to do that you wouldn’t normally do?

As you judge them, how does it make you feel about yourself and your circumstances?

For how long?

What happens to your outlook and attitude after interacting with the difficult person?

My coaching clients find these types of questions help them strengthen their relationships and leadership skills. I’d love to chat with you about what would serve you.

Here are some of my insights on a challenging relationship.


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