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Go Slow to Go Fast

Updated: Jan 12

The concept of go slow to go fast is about investing additional time upfront before jumping into action with the goal of achieving a better outcome in the long run. A common example of this is going to college before starting work so you can get a higher paying job.

Where are you making these investments? Here are few ideas to get you started.

Productivity at Work

  • Networking in and out of your company

  • Building reflection and strategic planning into your weekly schedule

  • Learning a new skill including making and learning from mistakes

  • Writing concise targeted emails, and waiting and doing a second review before sending


  • Prioritizing mental, physical, and spiritual restoration and growth

  • Regularly reflecting your work and life: Where are you heading? What’s important about that to you? What are you learning? What would you like to be learning?

  • Practicing self-compassion and unconditional self-love

  • Building fun into your routine


  • Being curious and empathetic

  • Listening deeply

  • Creating space for others to explore and learn

  • Making uninterrupted time to be together

If you’re inspired to invest in your personal development by going slow to go fast, I highly recommend planning for it.

  • What specifically will you do?

  • How will you know when you’ve accomplished it?

  • What if any tools/education/support would be helpful?

  • When will you do it?

  • What obstacles may arise and how will you address them?

  • How will you remind yourself to do this?

  • What will help you stay accountable?

One accountability trick is to publicly declare what you will do. Commenting below is one way of doing this!


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