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The Magic of Gratitude Practice

Have you ever been having a really bad day, been reminded of something you’re grateful for, and started to feel a little better? That’s the magic of gratitude. Gratitude reduces depression, anxiety, and stress, support heart health, improves sleep, and more!

Rainbow behind clouds

We don’t need to be grateful for something big. It could be...

  • That juicy peach so full of flavor, that it drips down the side of your mouth.

  • A memory of friend or colleague supporting you.

  • Having clean clothes to wear because you did laundry over the weekend.

  • The clouds providing a little bit of shade in the scorching heat.

  • Memory of a pet or child being delighted by something.

I practice gratitude while walking my dog, and since starting this, I’m noticing gratitude showing up more at other times in the day. It could also be a family dinner time ritual with everyone sharing one or a few things they are grateful for, a bedtime ritual, sprinkled through your day, a journaling exercise, a commuting ritual. Think of what would make it easy for you.

I’m grateful for my loving supportive husband who brings adventure to my life. To my colleagues who help deepen my understanding of coaching and application of coaching techniques. To my doctors who are helping me strengthen my health. To be living in a beautiful place with lots of places to walk. To my dog for helping me to make more friends and enjoy nature more often. I could go on …

But I’d rather hear what you are grateful for!


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