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Minimize Distractions

Updated: Jan 11

Do you struggle to devote time to strategic work? Do you have so many distractions constantly that you end up working late so you can find quiet time? If so, the following tips may help.

1. Try using the Pomodoro technique to minimize distractions. Think about how much time you can realistically work in your own little bubble, cut off from the outside world. Is it 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60, 90? Then block that time on your calendar and let your colleagues and loved ones know that you won't be reachable during that time because you're trying to improve your productivity by focusing completely during that time. If it's an emergency, how should they contact you? 2. Define what you will accomplish during that time block. Be very clear about the specific deliverables you want to create and how you will assess if you've done what is necessary. Is this a critical high impact item or an every day not so important item? What is your customer's expectation. Defining what done looks like will keep you focused and help you stop instead of tweaking when it's not necessary. 3. What time of day should you do this? When are you most productive doing this type of work? When can you get uninterrupted time?


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