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Learning from Success

Updated: Jan 12

Life is full of ups and downs. Often, we dwell on the downs and don’t really celebrate our successes. It may sound crazy, but this actually limits us.

Celebrate wins
Celebrate wins

When we take a few minutes to fully feel that win, it generates neurochemicals that not only make us feel great, they reduce stress and increase creativity, memory, and focus. They make us more likely to follow through on other projects, receive feedback appropriately and learn more effectively.

Maybe we don’t take the time because we fear looking boastful or other things feel more urgent. But this doesn’t take long and helps with future success, so why not try it … right now! Think of a recent success. What emotions show up? How does it feel in your body? Are you excited, proud? Do you feel confident, reassured? Do tears of gratitude well up as you realize how much you’ve grown?

After letting these emotions wash over you for a few minutes, look at what there is to learn. What actions contributed your success? What attitudes? Who helped you? What were the rough patches and how did you get through them? What would you do differently in the future?

That’s not so hard, right? I challenge you to go through this process for all your accomplishments over the next two weeks. Treat it like an experiment and see what you experience. I’ve shared my learning on the video. Let’s create some momentum for each other! What’s one of your successes and what did you learn?

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Rebecka Marshall
Rebecka Marshall
05 May 2019

This is very timely. I needed this advice.

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