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Insight During Coaching = Business Growth

Updated: Jan 9

When was the last time you had an experience or insight that dramatically changed how you approach your life or business? A dramatic insight for me was that how I rank in performance is far less important than having a powerful impact and continuously growing. I felt to my core the shift from a fixed to a growth mindset.

Ben and I coached a couple of years ago at a time when he felt like sales for his consulting practice were intermittent and unpredictable. Boy, have things changed since then. A year and half ago, he surprised me by introducing me to a group he was talking to by saying “Lisa makes dreams come true.” When I ran into him in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, he said he wanted to give me a testimonial.

It’s a pleasure to work with individuals like Ben Thomson. He’s driven, intelligent and working to improve the lives of individuals, the effectiveness of organizations, and how businesses support their communities.

Ben’s aha moment was when he realized that all business decisions are really personal decisions. It changed his whole approach to working with his customers.

What aha has dramatically altered how you approach your work or life?


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