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Advance career health joy
Advance career health joy
Advance career health joy
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Leadership and Wellbeing Coach
 Advance Your Career, Health, & Joy

Lisa Brewer

I help individuals through middle managers

increase their impact and resiliency.


They strengthen their communication, influence, strategic planning, relationships, productivity, and leadership skills. They revive their spirit and energy.

The result is less stress;

stronger teams, relationships, and collaboration;

more influence productivity and work-life balance;

and more confidence, passion, and joy.

Leadership & Well-Being Coach

Ross School of Business MBA


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

  • Certified Positive Intelligence Coach

  • Trained in the Foundations of Applied Neuroscience

  • Trained in RIM® Essentials

  • 30+ yrs managing teams, projects, organizations

  • Speaker and Educator


Imagine your life in 1, 2, 5 years. What is in it? Who are you surrounded by? What are you passionate about? What do you cherish? How do you spend your time?

I help people bring their visions to life by building mindsets, behaviors, and skills that address:

  • How to gain influence, recognition, promotions

  • How to strengthen work-life balance, focus, boundaries, self-compassion, and relationships

  • How to strengthen productivity, delegation, collaboration, teams, and motivation

  • How to decrease burnout and conflict

  • How to improve alignment, execution, systems

  • How to break habits like stress, procrastination, judgement, social media use, over spending

  • How to build habits like exercising, healthy eating, meditation, sleep routines, decluttering

  • How to increase my confidence, joy, peace, fun, passion, enthusiasm, and love

Winding Roads
I highly recommend Lisa as an executive coach. She guided me through a recent career move and challenged me to live my values and become a leader in my new organization. There were several times where I had hit a wall, and Lisa coached me through my own thought process and helped me uncover my own truth and answers. I could tell she was really listening and that allowed me to be more open and honest. I always took some new thought or insight away from each call, and I am so thankful that I leveraged Lisa's talents during this important time in my career.

Vice President of Operations, IT Healthcare

Leadership and Well-Being Coaching

All services are customized based on your goals and needs. Speaking engagements are available

as well as six, nine, and twelve month coaching packages.

Educational programs can be added to coaching packages. These include book studies as well as

Topics I coach clients on regularly include

Professional Topics

Communication, influence, executive presence

Strategic planning, vision, delegation

Productivity, prioritization, procrastination, execution

Conflict management, resiliency, emotional intelligence

Career planning and advancement, relationship building

Personal Topics

Work-life balance, boundaries, values

Resiliency, self-compassion, stopping negative self-talk

Willpower, habits, health routines

Mindfulness, meditation, acting with intention

Relationships, courage, confidence, best-self


Let's explore what's possible to bring your vision to life!

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