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Binghamton Success Week 2024

Fulfillment and Wellbeing in the Workplace

I hope you found the presentation useful and have some ideas to experiment with!

As a gift for attending, you can schedule a free 1-hour coaching session! Sessions are available through May 1st.

Meeting in the office

This handout contains notes from the presentation and links to resources so you can dive deeper into topics that feel relevant to you.

Fulfillment and Wellness in the Workplace Handout

I would appreciate your feedback! I'm always striving to make my presentations as relevant to the audience as possible. Would you complete this short, fast, anonymous feedback form?

Clapping Audience

If you would are looking for a presenter or coach for your organization, I'd love to discuss how I could help. You can learn more about the types of presentations I offer, set up a free consultation, or email me at

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