Science of Willpower

We all have areas in life where our goals go unfilled, languishing due to our lack of focus and resolve to work on them. We need to be mentally strong to prepare to meet our goals. We have tremendous capability. We can solve complicated problems, dream and imagine new possibilities, and learn complex skills.

During this program you'll discover entertaining, science-based willpower strategies and self-awareness techniques that make starting and sticking new routines easy. You decide what you want to do, and I'll help you make it a habit!

Program Benefits
Program Features

I always thought any lack of willpower was my fault

"The material was eye opening about how certain stimulus leads to certain behaviors and how we can break the chain. I had quiet a few "Aha" moments as I progressed through the material. I always thought any lack of willpower was my fault or resulting from my own laziness about changing. I learned so much about how our brains work and how outside stimulus contributes to the runaway train when we feel a lack of willpower. My overall willpower has definitely improved. There are several exercises that I will continue with after the course because I feel like there is still quite a bit for me to learn. All the ideas around self congratulating were new to me. Lisa is able to celebrate small victories that lead to larger victories that ultimately lead to real change." Susan B.

Building wealth and willpower overall

"My goal was to get better at managing money. Through the course I was able to identify all the ways I was wasting money and even ways I should be spending more money to save myself more money in the future. I was able to make a lot of different choices that now, 6 months later, have become habits. My savings to spending ratio is twice as good as it was before the class, and I'm building wealth. Also I was able to apply those same principals in so many different parts of my life, whether it be my relationships, my professional life by hitting my sales quotas, and even little things like having the willpower to walk my dog and clean up the house every day." Jeffrey G.

Improving health and saying "No"

"I worked with Lisa a year ago. Working with her has given me the ability to realize the power of willpower. I read, while working with her, The Willpower Instinct and have continued to apply what I learned to my everyday choices (from passing up fast foods and junk foods to starting and sticking with a regular exercise routine and realizing when to say "no"). Lisa is a caring coach and is very knowledgeable on the subject." Dorese B.

Willpower does not need to be difficult

"When a person says "I'm ready" I believe they will find relief in learning about themselves and the tools to unlock their aspirations. We are continually changing and learning about ourselves. This course gives you a leap in your knowledge about yourself and others. I would expect everyone in the course to feel good about their progress. Part of my learning curve was to feel the same about myself. Amazingly, my focus has had a ripple effect into other areas. What an unexpected surprise. Willpower is contagious. I can catch willpower the same way I catch laughter. Willpower does not need to be difficult. I can have ease and joy in change." Stephanie W.

The Science of Willpower program led to a profound change

"Lisa developed, organized, and facilitated a 10-week willpower program with an emphasis on personal growth and self-awareness. I highly and unequivocally recommend her in this role. The experience was quite powerful and effective in changing patterns I had developed in life that I passionately wanted to change. I can say, honestly and sincerely, that the experience resulted in one of the most profound changes that have occurred in my life of many years." Robyn S.

Growing in ways I couldn't imagine

"We read The Willpower Instinct and Lisa led us through the book with enthusiasm and a genuine interest in helping us achieve the goals we had set out to accomplish. I especially liked the questions and assignments she gave, they helped me dig deeper and answer honestly about my true goals and values. If you're struggling to accomplish something and need motivation and direction for your path, The Science of Willpower is for you. If offers a concrete timeline and Lisa keeps you accountable, helping you make strides while growing in ways you might not have imagined." Jennifer D.

This course is for you if you're struggling to achieve your goal due to

lack of follow-through or resolve. 

You'll establish a habit that works for your life.

You'll build both your ability and confidence in your ability to follow through.

You'll learn what triggers you to want to procrastinate and what strategies strengthen your resolve.

Goals may include things like

Saving money​

Saying "no" to requests from others, food, working too many hours, etc.

Managing your time so you have a fulfilling personal life while juggling work and family obligations

Overcoming personal challenges

  • Procrastination​

  • Working too much

  • financial strain

  • Being too busy to get to what matters

Exercising​ (you select your own exercise routine, I'll help you stick to it)​

  • Feel more energized​

  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin

  • Look better and feel more attractive

  • Feel strong and capable

  • Reduce stress and increase sense of wellbeing

Eating well (you select your own diet, I'll help you stick to it)​

  • Avoid acid reflux or other digestive issues

  • Feel more energized

  • Avoid mood and energy swings

  • Control or lose weight

  • Look better and feel more attractive

  • Have clothes fit better


  • Reduce stress​ and improve sense of wellbeing

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Be less reactive: think before acting

Getting enough sleep

Getting organized and decluttered

Getting to the doctor or dentist or having a test or procedure done

Improving a relationship or communication with a significant other

As you can see, this program can help with a wide range of challenges!


The program is based on the book The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, PhD and her course at Stanford, which made such an impact that doctors at times prescribed the course for their patients. The book is a fascinating blend of science, case studies, and exercises and so full of information that you'll want to read it more than once and be glad for the structure to help you apply what you're learning!

Because classes are limited to 6 people, we'll find a class time that works with your schedule.

This program is so impactful, I offer a money-back guarantee. 


Book a free 30-minute consultation to get any questions answered!

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Includes a paperback version of the book The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, PhD

World-renowned Stanford professor

Learn entertaining and interesting neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and economic concepts

Learn unexpected, proven strategies to increase willpower

Two 30-Minute Individual Coaching Sessions

Individualized support

Customizes strategies to address YOUR specific challenges

Ten Weekly 1-hour Group Coaching Sessions

Intimate groups of 6 people max

Provides accountability to help you stick with your goal while it becomes a habit

Individual attention to deepen your understanding of program concepts and address challenges as they arise

Provides on-going support for you to reduce stress, eat healthier, and improve your sleep

Personalized Weekly Guided Experiences

Proven willpower strategies and self-awareness exercises

Breaks learning into manageable chunks that are painless to incorporate into your life

Electronic Journal: The SMART Goals + System

Proven approach for goal attainment

Clarify your goal and turn it into simple, actionable, measurable, impactful steps

Weekly accountabilities and measurement moves you closer to your goal

Continuous review of successes and challenges helps you learn and quickly adapt

Electronic Journal: The Willpower Instinct Chapter Summaries

One to three page highlights of key concepts

Quickly refresh your memory

Easily find core concepts

Quickly prepare for class if you are running low on time

Eleven Weeks of Support to Establish the Habits Needed to Achieve Your Goal

Individual and group coaching, unlimited  email and text support

Keeps you focused and encouraged even as challenges arise

Provides the time needed to firmly establish new habits

Make-Up Sessions Available If you Can't Attended a Group Coaching Session

15-minute individual sessions

Flexibility when life happens

Keeps you motivated to stick with the work if unexpected challenges arise

Money Back Guarantee as Long As Your Are Doing the Work

Get a full refund if you aren't satisfied with your progress

If you've done the homework and attended classes, you may request a refund during the 2nd coaching session

Eliminates the risk while keeping you motivated to do what it takes to succeed