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What’s Holding You Back?

Updated: Jan 11

What’s holding you back? In April I was being interviewed on the radio. If successful, it could have turned into a series of shows, and yet I waited until 2 days before the interview to announce it. What stopped me?

What are you avoiding?
What are you avoiding?

Values Alignment: I love inspiring and helping others to be their best self. The producers wanted to “introduce me to the world.” I don’t care about that. If you’re holding back, look for a values misalignment. If you can address this, maybe you’ll find inspiration to move forward.

Purpose: How could my interview positively impact your life? Until I could answer this question, I didn’t have interest in doing the show. I didn’t feel comfortable announcing it until I knew how the announcement could create value for you. When you’re blocked, figure out your why? What makes this important to you?

Self-Judgement: Who am I? Aren’t others more qualified? If I fail, do I really want everyone to know? What if it turns out this is a scam, and I’ve blown a large portion of my marketing budget? Try counteracting this by leaning into your strength. What makes you a good fit? What can you learn, regardless of the outcome? What’s the downside risk and potential gain? Are you factoring in a sunk cost?

Time Constraints: Wouldn’t it be great if life came at a slow steady pace instead of full blast through a fire hose? Consider these questions. Is it worthwhile? Can you do a good job? Can you stay grounded? Are you worrying about something may not happen, and if so, what’s the probability of that happening?

How did it turn out? Two sponsors wanted to help fund a series of shows, but my out of pocket expense would blow my marketing budget so I declined.

What did I learn? How to present myself. How a talented interviewer makes an interview conversational. Ask more questions up front, especially the ones uncomfortable or challenging ones. Although it didn’t turn out as I had hoped, I’m proud that I had the courage to invest in myself, and I’m proud of the interview itself.

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