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Prioritizing Family

You married the love of your life. Your family is a source of peace and joy. You’re passionate about your business or work. How do you keep it in balance?

Work is pressing and supports your family and dreams. Your family loves you and wants to see you happy and successful. They make space for you to pursue your dreams. Prioritizing work over family can be easy.

When is the last time you told loved ones how much you appreciate the simple day to day things they do to support you? Not in a causal, off handed way, but where they are the sole focus of your attention so they can really see that you mean it.

Your family has dreams that light them up. What are they? What are their struggles and challenges? When is the last time you brainstormed together how to bring everyone’s dreams to life? While it may seem like keeping your own dreams alive takes everything you have, what solutions could be easy?

How could ruthless prioritization help create time? What if you could focus more effectively so you weren’t distracted by others or your thoughts while or trying to work or sleep?

These are the focus of my talk for EntrepreneurRx’s

Start Up Scale Up Summit 2022

October 14 – 16

This FREE, virtual summit features 21 speakers on topics including personal evolution, product & services, processes & operations, marketing, sales, HR, sustainability, and legal. Attend them all or just what’s relevant to you.

Talks include:

- What happens after the startup phase (Roland Frasier)

- Change Your Language, Change Your Results (Thomas Blackwell)

- Sales essentials for early-stage entrepreneurs (Brian Higgins)

- 10 things that stop you from getting investments (TJ Cook)

- How to Legally Structure a Business for Success (DeAnn Chase)

The goal is to provide

· Innovative strategies to become more investible

· Expert advice & Best practices to scale your business

· Business diagnostics to help identify weaknesses and opportunities

· Critical resources & Invaluable ideas to improve your business trajectory.

I would love to see you there and help you bring your dream to life!

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