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Maximizing the Eisenhower Matrix

Updated: Jan 12

Do you feel a strong connection between your daily activities and your long-term goals? Prioritization is often at the root of this.

The Eisenhower Matrix is a powerful tool for prioritizing. Start by doing a brain dump of your to do list into this grid:

Important and Urgent Important and Not Urgent

Not Important and Urgent Not Important and Not Urgent

Refine your placement of items by asking

- Who is this important to?

- Whose responsibility is this?

- What will you, your organization, and your loved ones gain?

- What will you have to give up to do this?

Next, evaluate if you’ve merged broader goals and objectives with action items.

Larger objectives such as develop a morning routine, create a strategic plan, get in shape, organize the garage, accomplishing them may feel daunting because you’ve merged entire projects into one step!

Simple to dos such as meditate in the morning, speak with operations about out of stocks, do 10 pushups a day may leave you feeling rudderless because they aren’t connected to a bigger purpose or goal.

To resolve this, create two Eisenhower Matrixes: one for larger goals and one for the immediate actions they will take. This helps reveal

1. Whether specific tasks support your broader goals and values.

2. Which broader goals and values are being ignored.

3. What is the first or next step for achieving this broader goal, making it easier and less intimidating.


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