Positive Intelligence Workshop

Would you like to

    Accelerate your business or career in 2021?

    Unlock greater productivity and vitality for you and your team?

    Thrive more easily during uncertainty and stressful times?

A Saturday in January from 8:30 - 12:30 Mountain Time.

Date TBD

Join me via Zoom for this fun, highly interactive workshop.

You'll learn:

  • How to recognize and address performance limiting habits of thought in yourself and others

  • How to improve performance with less work by getting in the zone and in flow more readily

  • How to handle conflicts in ways that deepen trust and harmony

  • How to feel less stressed, more peace, and consistent happiness, even in tough times

Explore strategies that can help you as a leader to:

  • Help employees feel valued and want to contribute

  • Set and reinforce realistic expectations, budgets and other boundaries

  • Manage frustration, stress, and uncertainty

  • Minimize procrastination and task switching

  • Recover faster and more creatively when problems arise


1. What is Positive Intelligence and How Does It Work 

2. Fifteen Minute Break

3. Interactive Workshop on Saboteurs and Alternative Strategies

4. Next Steps for Getting into Action

New Lower Price!  $47!

My teaching and coaching approach blends no-nonsense neuroscience and business with deep compassion and cheerleading resulting in my clients predictably achieving their immediate goals and enthusiastically and confidently pursuing future goals.

For an investment equaling less than $0.15 per day, gain insights to move your business and career forward in 2021.

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If you would like to bring this workshop to your organization or want to be informed of future class dates, please contact Lisa to explore options.