Positive Intelligence

Do you want to increase your emotional intelligence, leadership skills, productivity, or peace of mind? Are there relationships you'd like to strengthen? Positive Intelligence can help you achieve this. It combines education, app guided practice, and individual and group coaching. You'll develop your capacity to quiet negative self-talk, uncover possibilities, and strengthen your empathy, curiosity, creativity, alignment to your vision, and ability to act with purpose versus react.

Just like physical fitness, mental fitness improves with training. This program, which I enhance with targeted coaching, helps you convert insights into behavior. I'm so confident you'll get results I offer a money back guarantee as long as you do the work!


The 6-Week Positive Intelligence Program through Lisa Brewer Coaching includes weekly videos, weekly facilitated pod meetings, the Positive Intelligence App, the PQ Community App, individual coaching, supplemental materials, and one-month of access to the Grow Program.

Weekly Schedule During First 6 Weeks:

Saturday - Monday: Watch the video (60 minutes), attend the pod meeting (15 - 60 minutes), complete the weekly reflection (5 minutes)

Tuesday - Friday: Complete the Focus of the Day, Coach Challenges, and Daily Reflections (2 - 3 minutes each, arriving every 3 hours)

Weekly Schedule During the Grow Program:

The Grow Program provides you the flexibility to use the Positive Intelligence App to support you how and when you want. The schedule below reflects doing everything that is available.

Monday - Friday: Complete the Focus of the Day, Coach Challenges, and Daily Reflections (2 - 3 minutes each, arriving every 3 hours)

Saturday - Sunday: Do extra exercises on Positive Intelligence App

Weeks 2 and 4: One-hour Mastermind Session 

Weekly One-Hour Videos

Purpose: Introduce the program concepts. Includes exercises to bring the concepts to life.

When: Videos become available Friday night and should be watched before the weekly pod meeting.

  • Week 1: Boost Self Command, How Program and Apps Works

  • Week 2: Intercept the Judge

  • Week 3: Accomplice Saboteurs

  • Week 4: Sage Perspective

  • Week 5: Boost Sage Powers: Empathy

  • Week 6: Boost Sage Powers: Explore and Innovate

  • Week 7: What's Next and Boost Sage Powers: Navigate and Activate

Weekly Pod Meetings

Purpose:  Get individualized help from Lisa in applying Positive Intelligence concepts. Learn from others. Prepare for the week's practice.

When: Weekly on Saturday, Sunday or Monday at a time convenient for all pod members.

Length: 15 - 60 minutes depending on the size of the pod.

Group Size: One to seven people.

Positive Intelligence App

Purpose:  Provides guided practice to help you strengthen your mental fitness.

Some Features: Focus of the Day, Coach Challenges, and Reflections Tuesday - Friday. PQ Gym with 2, 5, and 12-minute sessions to strengthen your self-command muscle. Supplemental saboteur exercises (available in week 4). Supplemental sage exercises (available in week 7). Graph and dashboard to track your progress. 

PQ Community App

Purpose: Provides a forum for asking questions and sharing experiences with Shirzad Chamine (the program creator), Positive Intelligence support staff, others going through the program, your pod-mates, and Lisa

Individual Coaching

Purpose: Provides private, in depth coaching to help you achieve your goals for the Positive Intelligence Program. Can be used to strengthen your application of program concepts or further your progress against your goals.

When: You determine when the coaching would be most valuable and coordinate with Lisa to find a mutually convenient time.

Length: 90 minutes that can be divided into 30-minute or longer chunks.

Supplemental Materials

Purpose: Optional articles, poems and videos designed to expand your understanding and inspire inquiry.

One-Month Access to Grow Program

Purpose: Provides an opportunity to start intercepting your second accomplice saboteur and determine if participating in the Grow Program would support you.

Components: Positive Intelligence App with daily focuses and challenges now available Monday - Friday. PQ Community App. Two one-hour, small group Mastermind Sessions (like pod meetings but with content included for the first 10 minutes).

Program Cost and Refund Policy

$775 for one person, $1,400 for two, $19.50 for 3, $2,300 for 4, $500 per person for groups of 5 or more

If you have been actively participating and doing most of the coach challenges, and you aren't seeing the results you want, you can bet a full refund anytime before week 5.

Options After Program Ends

To support your continued mental fitness practice, you have the following options.

  • Maintenance - Automatically Included: For one year after stopping Grow, you have access to all the videos, the PQ Community App and the Positive Intelligence App. There are no new daily focuses or challenges, but you can manually go back to any you want to revisit.

  • Extend the Grow Program: You can extend the Grow Program in three-month increments.

  • Coaching: You can choose to continue to coach with Lisa with or without including the Grow Program.

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