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The Science of Willpower
Making Change Easier!

Willpower allows us to overcome inertia and procrastination, avoid temptation, and achieve our long-term goals while living our values. Evidenced-based strategies make change easier!

Next Cohort: March 2023!

Willpower is a battle between competing parts of ourselves.

The part that wants what's best for us in the long run,

The part that wants to live in the moment.

Practising Yoga with Mom

The part that wants to live a long, healthy, active life

The part that's exhausted and just wants to relax

The part that has big dreams

The part that has too much on its plate already

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Colleagues at Work

The part that wants to be able to say "No"

The part that wants acceptance and belonging

"This course gives you a leap in knowledge about yourself and others. Amazingly, my focus has had a ripple effect into other areas. What an unexpected surprise. Willpower is contagious. I can catch willpower the same way I catch laughter. Willpower does not need to be difficult. I can ease and joy in change."

Stephanie W

Entrepreneur, Marketing

Science has proven that many popular ideas about willpower are the opposite of what we should be doing.

But willpower can be strengthened!

  • What important goal do you keep putting off?

  • What habit do you wish you could establish or break?

  • When you accomplish one thing, do you sabotage another?

Measurable Outcomes and Benefits

Overall Outcomes

  • Learn the neuroscience, psychology, and economics of willpower

  • Recognize situations that compromise your willpower

  • Practice evidence-based, proven willpower and habit strategies

  • Increase self-awareness and knowledge of what work for you

  • Measurable progress towards achieving your goal

Goals Others' Have Achieved

  • Increased savings and reduced stress over money

  • Ability to say "No" to people, working long hours, junk food, and more

  • Improved fitness, eating habits, and sleep

  • Reduced defensiveness and stronger relationships

  • Decluttering and getting organized

  • Developing a strategic business plan

  • Less binging on shopping and social media

This Course Includes the following

to Help You Establish and Achieve Your Goal!

A paperback copy of The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, PhD

which explains the science in an entertaining and memorable way

Two 45-minute individual coaching sessions

to get you crystal clear on your goals and strategies and actions that work for you

Ten weekly, small group coaching sessions

provide accountability as you develop new behaviors, 

on-going individual attention to address challenges as they arise,

and supplemental information on habit formation strategies

Up to two 15-minute make-up sessions if you miss a class

Goal planning and weekly homework worksheets

help you stay organized and track learning and achievements


This program is so impactful, if you are attending classes and doing the homework and

 aren't satisfied with your progress, you can request a full refund prior to the second coaching session.

This eliminates risk while keeping you motivated to do what it takes to succeed!

"This course was quite powerful and effective in changing patterns I had developed in life that I passionately wanted to change. I can say, honestly and sincerely, that the experience resulted in one of the most profound changes that have occurred in my life of many years."

Robyn S.

Retired Dentist, Healthcare

"I was able to identify all the ways I was wasting money and even ways I should be spending more money. I was able to make a lot of different choices that now, 6 months later, have become habits. My savings to spending ratio is twice as good as it was before the class, and I'm building wealth"

Jeffrey G., Business Development Manager, Human Resources Technology


  • We will meet via zoom for individual and group coaching sessions.

  • The Science of Willpower lasts 12 weeks with weeks 1 and 6 devoted to individual coaching sessions

  • Once the cohort is filled, we'll determine a day and time that works for everyone, and invoices will be sent.

  • The program costs $799.

  • Once payment is received, program materials will be sent, and you can schedule your first individual coaching session.

Register Now If You Want To

  • Overcome procrastination and consistently work toward your goal or dream!

  • Establish a reliable, consistent habit.

  • Build confidence in your ability to follow through.

  • Have the knowledge and framework to achieve challenging goals in the future.

  • Reserve your spot for the March 2023 Cohort!

"I worked with Lisa a year ago. I have continued to apply what I learned to my everyday choices (from passing up fast food and junk foods to starting and sticking with a regular exercise routine and realizing when to say 'no'). Lisa is a caring coach and very knowledgeable on the subject."

Dorese B., Senior Project Analyst,  Wholesale Distribution

"The questions and assignments she gave helped me dig deeper and answer honestly about my true goals and values. If you are struggling to accomplish something and need motivation and direction for your path, The Science of Willpower is for you. It offers a concrete timeline, and Lisa keeps you accountable, helping you make strides while growing in ways you might not have imagined."

Jenny D.

Teacher, Stay at Home Mom, Community Organizer

"I learned so much about how our brains work and how outside stimulus contributes to the runaway train when we feel a lack of willpower. My overall willpower has definitely improved. Lisa is able to celebrate small victories that lead to larger victories that ultimately lead to real change."

Susan B., Entrepreneur, Healthcare

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